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Natural Harmony Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded by安娜·皮诺(nee Drogovoz) in 2010 with a focus on Chinese Medicine for people who were stressed, overworked and looking for natural relief and better health.

Very quickly the direction of the practice became centred around women’s health, pregnancy, birth support and beyond as Anna underwent a Birth Support course which opened up her eyes to how much women and mothers needed support when it came to their wellbeing at different points of their lives.

Now our clinic is a collaborative of passionate practitioners who are helping people within our community work towards their health goals.

We have a team of practitioners offeringAcupunctureandChinese Medicinetreatments for couples on their way to starting a family, including supporting them in the IVF process, supporting women’s, men’s as well as kids’ health, helping people reduce everyday stress levels, improving their sleep, re-establishing focus, clarity, immunity, supporting productive energy levels and much more.

Our team looks at your health in a holistic way, taking into account your lifestyle, dietary habits and daily routines, helping guide you to a better balance in your life. We believe that health is an achievable state of being, in fact your body chooses health over illness and supporting your state of mind is crucial in helping your achieve your health goals.

Natural Harmony is proud to be working with leading Allied Health Practitioners, offering Yoga classes for all levels of experience, Meditation, Naturopathic and Nutritional advice, Kinesiology and most recently Network Chiropractic.

As a collective we recognise that mums are “the energetic glue” of the family, meaning from the time that they birth their babies, sometimes even before that they are giving and ensuring that all members of the family are cared for when it comes to home life, nurture and love.

Our common mission is to support and nurture mothers by giving them opportunity to make time for themselves, grow and expand their knowledge of wellness and by doing so we believe we will positively influence the health of many families. Our vision is to introduce more Harmony into the lives of many families near and far.